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InspecDrone conducts visual inspections of hard to reach parts of industrial plants or buildings using a specialized inspection drone for confined spaces.

Measuring only 40 cm in diameter and with its LED lighting the drone is able to get into the most remote places of your plant.

The professional knowledge of refractory linings and boilers allows us to give you a detailed report on the inspection.

No scaffolding is required. No person has to enter the confined space.

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phone: +49 6227 / 39 96 78 0

mobile: +49 171 777 09 02


Main areas of use are

  • Waste incineration/ Waste to energy
    • Refractory lined areas, roof, transition to 2nd pass, 2nd/3rd pass, post cumbustion chamber
  • Fluidised bed incineration
    • bubbling and circulating fluidised bed incinerators (BFB and CFB)
    • Furnace, freeboard, wing walls, cyclones / separators, roofs, vortex finder fixation, standpipe, post combustion chamber, 2nd pass
  • Chimneys
    • masoned, steel tube
  • Power stations
    • Burners, tube walls, flue gas ducts, resuction ducts
  • Gas ducts
  • District heating storage
  • Bunkers
    • Coal and other material bunkers
  • Hydrogen reformer
  • Acid cleavage furnace
  • Flue gas scrubber
  • Biomass incinerators
  • Combustion chambers
  • Boilers
  • Tanks
  • Steel mills
  • Cement plants
    • Cylones, ducts, waste heat boiler
  • Zink roaster
  • Aluminium calciner
  • Reactors